Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Field Notes


Last week, I was lucky enough to attend a talk from graphic designer Aaron James Draplin. Besides being a great entertainer, and terrifically inspiring designer, he introduced us to his line of notebooks; Field Notes.

Inspired by field notebooks used by farmers throughout American (and Canadian) agricultural history, these little notebooks are a throwback to times when paper and pencil were essential, and kept on hand at all time. Special editions have included crop inspired designs, state inspired designs, flower inspired designs, and more. Neat, simple, well designed and functional. Important hallmarks of smart design. I'm definitely going to get my hands on a few of these soon.

(Also, check out Draplin's designs at www.draplin.com. Slick stuff)

Jump Rope Bag

When we think of great advertising we don't usually think about our shopping bags (they're usually pretty boring) but YKM's jump rope bag design is definitely an attention getter. This is a really great example of how print is an awesome advertising tool when used right.

Art Deco Inspired Branding

Vegan cookie dough company EatPastry, needed branding that would set them apart from their competitors, so they hired Moxie Sozo who came up with this great design. Each container is decorated with hand illustrated, art deco inspired, images. They are a beautiful addition to your gourmet grocery store shelf! 

Tugboat Print Shop Woodblock Prints

I stumbled on this amazing print shop called Tugboat the other day. They create incredibly detailed woodblock prints and have fantastic photos detailing the process on their website. The amount of craftsmanship and artistry is mind-boggling. I want at least one of each! Even the woodblocks themselves are wall-worthy!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Cielito | Package Design

Cielito is a Latin American reinvention of the coffee-house experience. A place that surprises, comforts and engages all senses through its space, ambiance, taste, colours and histories. Cielito draws inrpiration from Mexican history and it’s symbolism, colours and illustrated graphics of the late 19th and 20th century. Their graphic language is really recognizable with a universal appeal. I love how their designs are really cleanly laid out with a focus on typography. 

Friday, 20 April 2012

Business Card Inspiration!

Business cards have been on my mind lately. As an aspiring designer, I'm trying to figure out the best way to brand myself, and business cards have a pretty important role in all that. An interesting business card can mean the difference between someone keeping your contact info around, or tossing out with the rest of the white, rectangular garbage. Plus, a well designed business card is a little taste of a designer's talent and style. Minimal? Quirky? Outside-the-box? Handmade? Slick and glossy? What to do!? I'm not sure I'll go as crazy as the cards pictured above, but they've definitely given me some food for thought. (Or, eye-candy for thought at least!).

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Kingdom Animalia | lovely packaging

Enormouschampion, located in the USA, designed this line of packaging and wooden animals called Kingdom Animalia. The boxes are constructed out of recycled cardboard and are offset printed. I like their colour scheme and how its a little more mature than the typical bright and vibrant children colours. The packages have good graphic elements and the typography is laid out nicely.