Monday, 30 January 2012

Local Prints

I love these guys! Spins & Needles are an Ottawa-based group that hosts silkscreening workshops, mobile art parties (hands-on printing/making to DJs spinning great tunes) and most recently, Ottawa's first silkscreening show! Check it out for some awesome local talent and drool-worthy prints.

ILoveDust: Choice Cuts

This print piece is a promo for the design boutique ILoveDust. The design is centred around the idea of meat packaging. The current office space was once a butchers shop, which is where the idea came from for the choice cuts promo. This is a really innovative and unique design as well as being a beautifully executed print piece. 

Saturday, 28 January 2012

A Printed First!

What has been a favourite online magazine of mine has released a first ever limited edition print piece! Blanket Magazine is a compendium of art, design, the creative process and uncovers hundreds of talented artists, designers, photographers and all things creative and unique. 
The printed keepsake features a pantone metallic cover, hand-stamped emboss detail, a beautiful typeface and decorative flourishes beautifully compiled into a treasurable book of reference and inspiration.  

Computer Arts Limited Collection

Computer Arts magazine boasts one of the most useful publications on the magazine stands today. Ranging from a Photoshop edition, to Illustrator, InDesign, photography, and several other topics, each issue has valuable tutorials, interviews with professionals, and free stock.
This year however, I'm not just drooling at the shiny cover when I enter the bookstore: I'm already at the cash register with my copy in hand. A six edition collection has been released starting with a special on the graphic design industry. I originally discovered the collection pre-order less than 24-hours before the deadline, and immediately lusted after it.
Boasting almost 200, beautiful, seamlessly designed, saturated in colour, pages, the collection will be more of a features publication than a how-to. This is a 6-part series that deserves a permanent place on your bookshelf. If you're curious for a peak before you purchase, you can flip through here.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Arcor Bubble Gum

A simple yet utterly clever and fun 3D print piece! Leo Burnett from an advertising agency in Brazil created this dynamic print piece for Arcor Bubble Gum. As you open your magazine, the further the 2 page-spread spreads, the bubble gum grows and pops up in your face, just like the real gum does! I love how interactive this piece is and the unexpectedness of seeing this type of advertisement in a magazine. 

Paper LIE-CA M3 Pinhole Camera

This week I came across this really interesting print piece. London designer and photographer Matthew Nicholson has made his own 35mm camera using only paper. The camera is printed on a single sheet of paper and goes together with simple cuts and folds. This paper camera actually works too! It takes pictures using a basic 35mm film roll. you can purchase the template at Nicholson's online store:

Awesome Print Self-Promo

This is the coolest print self-promo ever! Who didn't love these games when they were young? The designer's name is Jamie Reed, and he had a great idea. I love the retro vibe of this piece, yet he's still managed to make it look modern and fresh, complete with all the relevant deets you'd need for a functional self-promo item. Check out the close-ups to see the metallic ink lightening bolts beside the magic wand and around the faces.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Golden Ticket

There is nothing like finding a piece of amazing print production when searching for something completely different. I stumbled (literally) across this fabulous piece when trekking through cyberspace for some typographic inspiration. crankbunny has a small shop on Etsy featuring all kinds of amazing puppets and other print trinkets. What I loved about this piece in particular was the fact that it is a small scale, personalized operation. Even if you only order a single ticket, you can customize the ticket with a message 35 characters or less. A light-hearted design and hand-made type puts me in a Willy Wonka mood. How bananas is that?