Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Curious Mixture

This could possibly be one of my absolute favorite packaging designs. The use of Lost Type Co-ops' Tomasso, and clever marketing creates an absinthe bottle worth purchasing and never consuming. Not only does Stig Bratvold have a fabulously minimalist approach, but a touch of whimsy almost makes the entire design light-hearted. The dark bottle could have been heavy and drab, but excellent choice of display type in a beautiful contrasting silver gives the feeling of a bottle straight out of an apothecary, and the burlap sack gives an additional texture that compliments the design instead of fighting for attention.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Bia van Deventer

Bia Van Deventer designed this beautifully vintage inspired album for the band, Manouche. I’m loving the typography, attential to detail and colour palette.

Gorgeous Tea Packaging

This is some of the prettiest tea packaging I've ever seen. I love how clean and simple it is, not to mention the shape of the tea bag itself is stunning. The shape of the box is intriguing as well. Lovely work by Natalia Ponomareva from Russia.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Vintage Logo Inspiration Vintage logos mimicking old fashioned seals and embossed stickers seem to be all the rage these days. Check out these PSD vintage logo files on You've gotta pay for those if you want them, so why not use these lovely logos to inspire your own design! Think how good something like this would look printed out on stickers, or adorning letterhead and envelopes. You've got all of human history to draw from, let the vintage designs flow!

Letterpress Studios

Cast Iron Design Company created a beautiful identity for Letterpress Studios (Jack Sinclair). How amazing are these pieces? Nothing has as much impact as a simple colour palette (black, baby blue, and the cream of the paper), beautiful typography, and a fun design. Promotional pieces were printed (at Letterpress Studio) to advertise this small and growing production house. I particularly loved the combination of a slab serif with a tall condensed font. Spot on.

Burlap & Paper

This collection of photographs is attributed to Discover Paper

Print does not always pertain to strictly paper and packaging, so whilst browsing on of my absolutely favorite blogs, I came across a match made in textural heaven: burlap and paper. And while I love the idea of combining the rustic potato sack and course (or linen blend) paper, hop on over to Discover Paper and see for yourself.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Manual: Loose Leaf Publishing Project

 Manual Creative is a design studio based in San Francisco. Every year they publish an edition of Loose Leaf; a carefully picked selection of artworks by artists, designers, and photographers. Each edition comes with pre-punched holes and aluminum pushpins that allow you to display the Loose Leaf on the wall. The unbound format makes it possible to change the image on a whim. This is a really great way to show the work of some very creative people and get their work out there.

To get your own Loose Leaf visit

In honor of the nice weather...

I want these lawn chairs more than anything ever. Ok, maybe not like, anyyyything...but. You get the picture. They use prints designed by Salvor, and would increase the awesome of any lawn they sit on.

Love is Making Its Way Back Home

So, this isn't strictly a print piece, but other than the software used to arrange the frames, this video was made entirely out of sheets of laser cut paper. No special effects, no processing, just thousands and thousands of sheets of paper, a camera, and lots of patience.

It's incredible how smooth the motions are, considering how many sheets of paper with slightly different images it takes to create motion. Negative space is created by just cutting out parts of the paper, resulting in a simple, but communicative and very graphic style. Clearly, lots of prep and planning went into this shoot, before and after the cameras were set up. And just wait for the colour palette shift at the end, it's pretty magical.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Hairy Bikers potato chips

Not only is this a hilarious name for potato chips... it’s a fun, type driven package designed by UK based company, Here Design. I love the mixture of colours, type, shapes and simple use of lines. I like how they let the metallic colour of the bag shine through on details like their faces and the Hairy Bikers World logo. It’s classic and contemporary all neatly packaged together into something creative and fun!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Inspiring Play: Business Cards and Stationary

This stationary and business card design was created for the toy store Dilly Dally.  Inspiring play is what the store hopes to do and this design definitely inspires that. This is an attention getting design that is unique, turning business cards into card towers and stationary into paper planes.

Monday, 5 March 2012


Simple packaging, a decisive message, and a little kindness is what drives Help. Making your local pharmacy a little less confusing, the company itself believes in less drugs, less dyes, and less confusion. AS a result, each package is made with recycled paper, a single color, and clear labeling. Maybe the most genius move: less really is more.

Garden Seed Packaging

These are some lovely garden seed packages that I came across. This is student work! Super impressive. I like how clean and organic the packaging looks. It's really natural and perfectly reflective of the product.

Bright, fun, minimal: Clever bubblegum packaging.

I'm a fan of clean, minimalistic design, and I love that Gubble Bum has managed to incorporate a minimalistic aesthetic into their packaging. Even better, they have managed to nix the seriousness often associated with minimalistic design, and they have created gum packaging with a wickedly clever sense of humour.

Each box features a different face, and when the cover is removed a skeleton is revealed. Each flavor is distinctly different, yet clearly belongs to the set. This is a great example of a product that can reach a target market—kids—without resorting to licensed characters or gaudy images. Just clean, simple, clever design.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Rather Novel Collection: Eau De Parfum

While browsing the Anthropology website, I came across this beautiful set of perfume bottles and their pretty little boxes. This “scent-o-logue” features 6 editions of scents inspired by different flavors of tea around the world. Housed in book-like boxes, the titles of each are based on the tea’s place of origin. Each package is beautiful on it’s own, but I love how they look lined up as a set.