Sunday, 5 February 2012

Handmade wedding invitations with serious rustic flair.

These wedding invitations from Wood & Grain are seriously beautiful, and are an instant reminder of how stepping away from the norm can create an impact. These invitations will surely be kept longer than the traditional white paper/letterpress invitations, and they'll definitely be topics of conversation. More importantly, the use of theme and smart design makes these wedding invitations more relevant to the setting and style of the couple's wedding.

The nature theme present here means that an electronic invitation wouldn't be appropriate for this type of scene, and the bride and groom have definitely made the most of their decision to stick with print. Texture, innovation and fabulous design have been employed wonderfully here. They have even included equally beautiful supplemental material. This is a prime example of how print can be used to make an impact for an important event.

So go take a look, and I promise you will never look at wedding invitations the same way again!

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